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Mateo’s Bar Benidorm – Experience the TV Show Brought to Life!

by Steven Hardy

If you are heading to Alicante this year and are a fan of the Benidorm TV show, then there is one bar that you cannot miss out on! Mateo’s Bar Benidorm has fast become a favourite with fans of the show as it has been opened by the creator of Benidorm, Derren Litten.

The bar has been named after the popular Benidorm character Mateo, resident lothario amongst the Benidorm regulars. And you’ll be delighted to know that the bar owners have taken the opportunity to really bring to life a bar that represents the fun and humour of the show.

Featuring lots of great props from the original Tv series, as well as scripts, and occasional cameo appearances from the original Mateo (actor Jake Canuso) – there is plenty for a fan of the show to enjoy.

Mateo from Benidorm TV Show

Below we will talk you through everything you need to know when planning a trip to the real life version of the bar in the Benidorm Tv show.

Features that fans of the show won’t want to miss:

  • The Solana reception desk has been refashioned as the location’s bar.
  • You’ll spot the iconic Neptune’s Bar sign hanging next to you as you enjoy some Karaoke.
  • Scripts and memorabilia will surround you as you enjoy reasonably priced beer, cocktails, and soft drinks.
  • The bar helps you get in the Benidorm mood by screening classic clips from the Tv show on the screens around you.
  • You might be lucky and visit on a night where the real life Mateo pops in for a chat or karaoke song!

How Do Visitors Rate Mateo’s Bar in Benidorm?

The best indication of whether you will enjoy a trip to Mateo’s Bar Benidorm is the ratings it’s been given by previous customers. And luckily for fans of the show, there are numerous rave reviews. Facebook reviews have awarded Mateo’s Benidorm an aggregate of 4.5/5 with customers praising the friendly staff, the delicious cocktails, and the fantastic atmosphere.

Similarly, on Trust Pilot, you will discover a combined rating of 4.5/5 with 67 reviews. Again, the friendly atmosphere, affordable prices, and great, party atmosphere come up again and again in reviews.

What Entertainment is There at Mateo’s Benidorm?

The newly refurbished bar is a good size location with plenty of room for seating and tables as well as entertainment. Both Benidorm creator Derren Litten and Benidorm actor Jake Canuso make frequent appearances at the frequent karaoke nights the bar hosts. And Derren has also been known to step behind the DJ decks as well.

Various entertainment acts also perform at the bar, and there are plenty of activities throughout the daytime as well including quiz afternoons and family afternoon drinks. If you are looking for a night out that closely mirrors the experiences you have seen in the bar in the Benidorm TV show, then this is the place to head!

You should be aware that the bar can get packed out, especially on event evenings, so make sure to arrive at Mateo’s bar in Benidorm in good time to nab some prime seating spots.

When is Mateo’s Benidorm Bar Open?

The bar is open every day of the week apart from Monday, and its doors are open from 12pm to 12am from Tuesday to Sunday. Head to the Mateo’s Bar Benidorm Facebook page for the latest news on the events and activities the bar has planned when you are in the area.

Where is Mateo’s Bar Benidorm?

The bar is located at Av, de Almeria 8, 03503 Benidorm, and is easy to get to from the main strip. To get to the location start out at the Stardust Bar on the main strip and then turn so you are heading towards the side street where Talk of the Town is located. Then look to your right and you’ll be right on the bar’s doorstep.

What Drinks Are Available?

There is a wide variety of drinks for you to enjoy at the bar including affordably priced beer, cocktails, and soft drinks, you will also find some nods to the drinks from the bar in the Benidorm TV show including the Madge, named after the iconic Garvey family matriarch.

What Souvenirs can You take Home With You?

Although it may be tempting, the bar owners would prefer if you didn’t take their menus home with you. So many tv fans have been doing so that it has cost them hundreds to print up replacements. You can however bring some official merchandise to remind you of your visit, or to gift friends and family. These include t-shirts and postcards.

What Attractions Are Close By to Mateo’s Bar Benidorm?

If you are just planning on heading into this part of Alicante for the day, there is plenty to keep you entertained for hours either before or after heading to the bar. These include:

  • Benidorm Old Town. Explore the gorgeous old town area which is full of traditional architecture, castle ruins, scenic cafes, and beautiful plazas. A relaxing way to while away a couple of hours while experiencing the traditional culture and buildings of the area.
  • Klee Kafee. This is the longest-running drag bar in the area and is famous for putting on spectacular shows in a small, intimate venue.
  • Benidorm Palace. A fantastic large venue that hosts events, dance performances, and music shows while providing steak dinners.
  • L’Aigerua Park. A picturesque area featuring neo-classical columns, two amphitheatres, and plenty of beautiful greenery to relax in.

Where Else Can You Explore Benidorm TV Show Locations?

Mateo’s Bar, Benidorm isn’t the only place you can head to in Alicante to experience your favourite show in real life! For a rundown of the local spots to head to in order to experience the hotels, bars, and beaches from the show in real life – click on our article: Experience the Magic of Benidorm TV Program Sets at the Real-Life Solana Hotel!

Fans of the show will find plenty of locations related to the show to explore before heading to Mateo’s Benidorm to enjoy a drink or two!

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